For the Culture Mural 
king x ferguson, hamilton, ontario • july 2021

(collab with Aichoucha Haidara) stemmed out of the anguish of the 2020 #BLM movement. Combining their Caribbean and African backgrounds to make a piece that celebrates Black Excellence and Culture across the diaspora. It highlights different areas of innovation and history, including Black Canadian history, which is often overlooked. Each element has significant meaning and importance. Though some historical references are raw and honest, it was delicately crafted as an overall message of positivity, hope and pride.
kensington x baldwin, toronto ontario • august 2021

Black Womxn Paint began in 2020 in response to a rise in anti-Black racism, and the disproportionate effect of Covid-19 on Black communities and womxn. The purpose of the
mural is for Black womxn to paint a vision of the future without oppression on the full length
of Baldwin st. between Spadina ave. and Augusta ave. in Kensington Market. It is our hope that,
if we can envision that future, we can begin to build it together.
Formerly known as Pier 8, the Park provides full public access to the water’s edge with non-obstructed views and its trail remains part of the existing waterfront trail, connecting the HMCS Haida to Princess Point. At the grand opening event, this interactive photo op was inspired by the wind and waves of the surrounding environment.
waiting area, paediatric wing of Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto
Guided a team of talented artists to ensure a harmonious blend of theme, colour palette, and an uplifting tone in contributed artwork to new paediatric space. 
Concept Statement: Based on a dream land or fantasy where everything and anything is possible. Kids in the space may be feeling out of body, or in a state of disbelief. I want to invite them to escape to a world of suspended belief – where the potential is limitless and joy and magic are abundant. A reminder that though the universe brought them here in this moment, there is still untold beauty and wonder awaiting them in the next. I want to mix my traditional fl at illustration style with collage style image cut outs so it feels like a creative teenager could have scrapbooked with magazines and thick markers to piece this together in their room. The mix of illustration styles also lends itself to portraying the dream world as a fantasy, where the constraining rules of reality do not apply.
wexford x central, hamilton, ontario
Concept Statement: Cycling is an activity that many perform solitarily. Though often solo on the bike, we are rarely alone on the roads, paths, or trails that we share. There is a rhythm needed to flow through these shared spaces seamlessly and with minimal resistance, like water. There are many terms and sayings that associate cycling with fish swimming through water. For instance, “Salmoning” is when a cyclist bikes against traffic; “Shoaling” is when a collection of cyclists gather at a stop light or intersection, effectively forming a school of fish. These parallels informed and inspired the concept for this mural. The school of multifaceted fish featured on each crosswalk symbolizes unity through diversity within the cycling community, depicting beauty in what makes each of us unique. Each fish will feature a selection of student designs from the A.M. Cunningham Elementary School nearby. The largest fish will feature the most detail, while the smaller fish will remain more simple to highlight the student designs. The larger fish represents the importance of mentorship and programs like Everyone Rides to ensure access and guidance in the world of cycling. The illustration weaves in and out of the crosswalk itself to add depth and complexity to the composition. Wave shapes are fluid, and full of movement, symbolizing how cyclists safely navigate their environment.

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