An Art Director and Graphic Designer based in Hamilton, Ontario, Tandeka ( / tan • day • ka / ) is passionate about brand building, mural design, and packaging. In the freelance realm, she collaborates with inspiring entrepreneurs and activists. In her full-time role at Signify Design, she specializes in environmental design and print work, fostering seamless collaboration.  Approaching two decades in the field, Tandeka’s joy lies in infusing hidden meanings, symbolism and care into each illustrative piece.
Born in Montreal, this first-generation Canadian, with Caribbean roots, found solace in the Art Club during a move to Florida at 14 years old. Art became a sanctuary, nurturing a love and talent that sustained her through subsequent relocations. She acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa.
In her return to Canada, Tandeka finally found a sense of belonging in Hamilton, a city that resonates as home for the past 10 years.
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